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Requirements for acoustic separation in hospitals and buildings used for healthcare is now provided in HTM 08-01: Acoustics. Within hospitals acoustic separation is required for areas of privacy as well as treatment rooms and the comfort of inpatients. HTM 08-01 covers the acoustic design criteria that are important for healthcare premises, and addresses issues such as the provision of temporary healthcare facilities, refurbishments and the control of noise and vibration during construction.

HTM 08-01 provides acoustic criteria for:

•Noise levels in rooms

•External noise levels

•Sound insulation between rooms

•Impact sound insulation

•Room acoustics

•Audio systems

•Audiology facilities

•Vibration caused by plant, medical equipment & activities.

Compliance with HTM 08-01 is required to gain Credit for the 2008 BREEAM Healthcare assessment scheme and  2011 BREEAM ‘New Construction’ scheme.

We are able to assist with the design or commissioning/testing of healthcare buildings throughout the UK.

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Acoustic Design of Healthcare Premises

Acoustic Design of Healthcare Buildings (HTM08-01)


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